Your Complete Guide To (Independent) Filmmaking

Learn invaluable industry secrets from top to bottom and discover the truth about independent film distribution as the lid is torn off the many myths surrounding sales agents and today’s release platforms that are certain to open reader’s eyes - and ruffle a few feathers!

Filmmakers Guide

A complete roadmap showing you the ropes in great detail from inside the (independent) film industry as never told before.

Industry Secrets

You can only learn so much in school, the rest is learned the hard way. Here's a lifetime list of do's and don'ts right at your fingertips.

Concept To Delivery

Choose a marketable script, getting it financed and make your movie. That's only the beginning. Here's a complete how-to guide from start to finish.

Meet Shane Stanley

SHANE STANLEY is a lifer. His career began in front of the camera at 9 months old before becoming a two-time Emmy Award winning filmmaker and launching his own company, Visual Arts Entertainment. Best known for Executive Producing the #1 Box Office hit, Gridiron Gang for SONY Pictures starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Stanley’s resume as a filmmaker spans three decades. Shane offers a wealth of knowledge from several aspects of the industry focusing on educating future storytellers and helping them bridge the gap between what’s taught in the classroom and what they’ll experience in the real world.